Financial Transparency
Business Office
800 S Morris St, Gainesville, TX 76240 
Telephone:  940.665.0255; Fax:  940.668.0354

No Child Left Behind/ Elementary and Secondary Education Act

At this time, there is no bond election or proposed bond packages for the district.  

Members: 2012, 2013 and 2014          

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 Enrollment Employee Comparison
The Business Office is a service organization. We exist to assist all of the staff for the school district either directly or indirectly. The business office is responsible for the following areas: payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, travel statements, and property and casualty insurance. Of course, payroll and associated benefits being the most important to the majority of employees. We desire for each employee to be familiar with all of the procedures and expect employees that have an assigned campus to report to and work with the principal of that campus and the campus secretary.  In so doing, each school’s administrator will be a part of the process and informed on all campus level requests.
Peggy Garrison - Payroll
Kelly Searcy-Mims - Accounts PayableShauna Smith- PEIMS District
Janna Wolfe- AccountingAlyce Hamman
- Director of Finance