Mrs. McWilliams' Homepage
Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB
 Head Math UIL Coach
National Honor Society Sponsor
GHS Academic UIL Coordinator 
Contact Information:
Alicia McWilliams
Room#: D319
Phone: 940-665-5528 (Front office) ext. 5723
Class Schedule:
PeriodStarts EndsSubject
Before School7:308:20Tutorials
1st8:209:13UIL Coordinator
2nd9:1710:10H Precalculus
P.A.W. Time10:1010:40 
AP Calculus AB
 "A" Lunch   11:3712:07  LUNCH
4th 12:111:04Precalculus
6th2:052:58H Precalculus
7th3:023:55 Precalculus
After school4:00  4:45 Tutorials 
Tutorial Schedule:
 MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
 *Tutorial times subject to change. I will post my tutorial times weekly outside my room.
AP Calculus AB Informational Video:
Student Testimonial for AP Calculus:
A little about me...
I graduated from the University of North Texas through the wonderful Teach North Texas teacher preparation program (Go Mean Green!!). This will be my fourth year at GHS, and I look forward to seeing all students reach success in their educational career. I am very excited to continue GHS's AP Calculus program and prepare students for college. It is possible that when I do my job and your student does his/her job, he or she could receive up to 8 hours college credit.
Mark it on your calendars now: the AP Calculus AB test is Tuesday May 9th, 2017 at 8:00 am.
Parents/Guardians: your student's success relies on a team effort between the three of us: your student, you as the parent/guardian, and myself. Your thoughts and concerns are always welcomed, see the contact information above if you need to get in touch with me. I plan to frequently contact parents regarding classroom activities and events, so be sure that I have your best way of contact on file (more information will be given to students on the first day of school AND at back to school night).
Expectations: I expect all students to be present in class each day, with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. My goal is uphold the GISD Belief that, "ALL students can learn when high expectations, quality instruction, time and resources are appropriately given".