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CX Debate Medals at State

Gainesville High School advanced two teams to the State CX Debate meet, which was held March 16-18 in Austin.  Our two teams competed extremely well in the first four preliminary rounds with each team finishing with a 3-1 record (win-loss) and high individual speaker points. 

Out of a total of 56 teams, only 16 teams broke to Octofinals which required a 3-1 record and 111 adjusted speaker points. Senior team Jenny Liu and Radhika Bhakta broke through and our Junior team of Dalton Chancellor and Mark Chavez just missing the cut by 6 points! 

The girls did amazing in the Octofinal round making a tough decision for the panel of 3 judges, ultimately 2 of the judges voted for the other team and only one for thhe Jenny/Radhika team.

By making it to finals, Jenny and Radhika became state medalists in 4A CX debate and finish their senior debate season with pride!
CX Debate Competes at State, Dalton, Mark, Radhika, and Jenny    Radhika Bhakta and Jenny Liu medal at State