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UIL Academics: 2nd Place!

On March 22nd, 41 GHS students traveled to Argyle HS to compete in the Conference 4A District 9 Academics Meet, which included contests for Accounting, Calculator Applications, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Current Issues, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Social Studies, Spelling and Vocabulary, writing events including Ready Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Headline Writing, and News Writing, and speaking events including Lincoln Douglas Debate, Prose and Poetry, and Extemporaneous Speaking including Informative and Persuasive. Not only did we have students competing in each one of these competitions, putting in full teams of three or more for most, but we also brought home quite a few accomplishments and a whole lot of Leopard Pride.

Highlights: Jenny Liu advances to Regionals for Spelling!! Jacqueline Thomas advances to Regionals for Editorial Writing and Headline Writing!!! Niaomi Dawson advances to Regionals for Poetry!! Jack Broyles advances to Regionals for Prose!!! GHS wins 2nd place overall in District 9 based on our performance in CX Debate, One Act Play, and these Academic Events!! The next contest date is the Regional Meet held at Texas A&M Commerce April 6-8.  

Full placing for all contests:

Accounting: 5th place by Braycon Tapia. 3rd place team score by Braycon, Yelena Martinez, and Jocelyn Sanchez.

Calculator Applications: 4th place by Trevor Hall alternate to Region, 5th Place by Radhika Bhakta. 2nd place team by Trevor, Radhika, Alfredo Moreno, and Dillon Edington, alternate to Region.

Computer Applications: 4th place by Evan Cook alternate to Region.

Computer Science: 6th place by Dillon Edinton. 2nd place team by Dillon, Parker Jones, Patrick Walterscheid, and Radhika Bhakta, alternate to Region.

Mathematics: 5th place by Radhika Bhakta, 6th place by Trevor Hall. 2nd place team by Radhika, Trevor, Wilson Tran and Angie Ferrer, alternate to Region.

Number Sense: 5th place by Dillon Edington.

Social Studies: 6th place by Tucker Craft.

Spelling and Vocabulary: 3rd place by Jenny Liu, Regional Qualifier.

Editorial Writing: 3rd place by Jacqueline Thomas, Regional Qualifier, 4th place by Spencer Smith, alternate to Region.

Feature Writing: 4th place by Jacqueline Thomas, alternate to Region.

Headline Writing: 3rd place by Jacqueline Thomas, Regional Qualifier.

News Writing: 4th place by Jacqueline Thomas, alternate to Region.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 6th place by Tucker Craft.

Poetry Interpretation: 1st place by Niaomi Dawson, Regional Qualifier, 5th place by Jake Rhodes.

Prose Interpretation: 1st place by Jack Broyles, Regional Qualifier, 4th place by Andrew Carrol, alternate to Region.

Informative Speaking (Extemporaneous Speaking): 4th place by Tucker Craft, alternate to Region.

Additional contest: Copy Editing. Although not an official UIL event that receives points for placings, students were able to compete 'for fun' and we received the following: 2nd place by Jacqueline Thomas, 3rd by Christian Martinez, and 6th by Elijah Chisholm.

Academic subject coaches: Computer Applications - Cassandra Ray; Computer Science - Cody Campbell; Current Events&Issues and Social Studies - Jennifer Collins; Literary Criticism - Jimmy Perkins; Science - Samantha Calhoun; Spelling and Vocabulary - Lexi Hogye; Calculator Applications, Mathematics, and Number Sense - Alicia McWilliams; Journalism - Chris Glover and Colby Shelton; Speech and Debate - Morgan Sims and Cody Campbell.

Conference 4A District 9 consists of 7 schools: Argyle HS, Bridgeport HS, Decatur HS, Gainesville HS, Frisco Lebanon HS, Krum HS, Sanger HS. All results including CX debate, One Act Play, and these Academic Events can be found at