• What's Going On In Our Classroom?! 

    All students will be given Math homework every Monday and it will be due the following Thursday. If students have any questions regarding their homework, I will be available for tutoring at 7:15 in the morning. Please make arrangements prior to.
    Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions!


    1st Six Weeks (at a glance)
    -Place Value of Whole Numbers up to the Billions Place
    -Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers
    -Rounding Whole Numbers
    -Representing Decimals using Concrete and Pictorial Models, including Money
    -Representing Decimals on a Number Line
    -Place Value of Decimals to the Hundredths Place
    -Comparing and Ordering Decimals
    -Relating Decimals to Fractions


    1st Six Weeks (at a glance)
    -What is a Scientist?
    -Safety Rules and Tools
    -Scientific Method
    -All About Matter!
    -Properties of Matter
    -Classifying Matter