• gjhs
    Gainesville Junior High School
    Computer Labs Rules and Guidelines

    For Teachers:
    1. First class in the lab, please turn all computers on.
    2. If you use the projector, please turn it OFF before you leave.
    3. Last class in the lab, please shut all computers down.

    For Students:
    General Rules
    • Students will not be allowed in any computer lab without adult supervision.
    • No downloading without teacher approval.
    • Save only to home directory.
    • Limit printing - teacher approved.
    • No gum, candy, food or drinks allowed in computer labs.
    • Sit in assigned seat.

     Take Care of Equipment
    • Do not deface or damage any equipment. 
    • Do not place any inappropriate items into or underneath any equipment.
    • Keep cords out of your mouth.

     Before You Come In
    • Keep your hands clean.
    • Leave gum, candy, food, and drinks outside.

     When You Are Sitting Down
    • Use correct posture.
    • Use both hands to type.
    • Keep hands on your own keyboard and mouse.

     While You Are Working
    • Sit in your assigned seat.
    • Keep your eyes on your OWN screen.
    • Raise your hand if you have a question.
    • Finish your work on time.

     When It's Time to Go
    • Hang up your headphones, if you used them.
    • Close all programs.
    • Log out
    • Push your chair under the table.