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Inclement Weather Procedures

  • In the event bad weather prevents the opening of schools or causes a delay, an announcement will be released from the office of the Superintendent to the following radio and television stations:

    RADIO:  KGAF 1580 AM / 92.3 FM

    TELEVISION:TV: KXII 12, KTEN 10, WFAA 8, Fox 4, NBC 5

    Families will be notified in the following order and manner:

    1. A phone call and text message will go out through SchoolStatus to every family and staff member. Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date.
    2. A text message will be sent to all campus staff through the internal campus communication method. 
    3. A post will be made on our official GISD social media channels:
      1. Facebook: @gainesvilleisd
      2. Instagram: @gisdleopards
    4. A post will be made on our district website:

    All decisions to either hold, cancel, or delay school will be made with the safety of our students and staff in mind. If a decision is made to delay or cancel school, an announcement will be made as early as possible.  If the decision can be made during the evening hours, an announcement will be made at that time.  However, District leaders may need to assess the condition of the roads in the morning to determine if the roads are safe for buses and cars.  In this case, an announcement will be made prior to buses leaving to begin the morning route.  

    These are public accounts and are viewable without having a personal account.