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    The GHS counseling staff is available to assist students and parents in exploring the world of higher education.  Seniors are encouraged to visit with their respective counselors for any help they might need in navigating the scholarship process.    Seniors should also check regulary on our Area Scholarships link.  Good Luck!         


    Seniors:  Everyone who is planning on continuing their education after graduation should also be considering the high cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board that goes along with college.  One way to help with the cost of college is scholarships.  To increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, apply for as many as you can!

    Be thinking of all activities you have been involved in while in school (the more, the better), and also if you haven't already been involved in your community service projects- now is a great time!!  Students who are involved in community service projects have a much greater chance of getting a scholarship than those who haven't.

    One great resource you may want to check out is the Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar for High School Seniors www.window.state.tx.us/scholars

    Another great resource is www.collegefortexans.com.

    A very helpful website to visit to view "Guaranteed Scholarships", which means those that are unlimited in number, and require no interview, essay, portfolio, etc. is http://www.guaranteed-scholarships.com .  



    Butterfield Stage                                   Packet available in Counselor's Hallway                   Deadline March 31st

    Weatherly Scholarship                          https://weatherlyscholarship.com/apply                     Deadline March 31st

    Order of The Eastern Star                    Packets available in Counselor's Hallway                  Deadline April 1st

    NCTC                                                    nctc.edu/scholarships                                                Deadline April 1st

    GHS Alumni                                          Packet available in Counselor's Hallway                    Deadline April 1st--To Ms. Brown

    Gene Fuhrman Scholarship                 www.nortex.com/scholarships                                    Deadline April 5th

    Robertson & Moss                               Packet available in Counselors Hallway                     Deadline April 7th--To Ms. Brown

    North Texas MedicalCenter Auxiliary    Packets available in Counselors Hallway                  Deadline April14th

    Gainesville Athletic Booster Club         Packets available in Counselors Hallway                   Deadlne April 18th--To Ms. Brown

    Fletcher Morris Memorial                     Application in Counselors Hallway                              Deadline April 19th--To Ms. Brown

    Cooke County A & M Club                   Packets available in Counselors Hallway                    Deadline April 24th

    Jean Arendt                                         www.fwbdenton.com/music-scholarships-and-band-dollas     Deadline May 15th








    NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award:  The NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards are scholarships created to recognize young people who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit/initiative valued $1,000- $10,000.   Students are encouraged to apply online at http://NFIB.com/YEA   

    SAE Engineering Scholarships:  For high school seniors majoring in engineering and meeting minimum requirements.  Go to http://www.sae.org/students/engschlr.htm

    AFS Global Leaders Scholarship:  - Premier need and merit based scholarship program offering partial scholarships.  Visit www.afsusa.org/scholarshipsfor more information and application materials.

    AXA Achievement Scholarship: -  To qualify a student must demonstrate ambition and drive, determination to set and reach goals respect for self, family and community, and the ability to succeed in college.  Visit www.axa-achievement.com to learn more and download application.

    MetroPCS Community Scholars- - For seniors who plan to continue their education in college or university programs, those who have demonstrated exceptional involvement in volunteerism and community service, in addition to academics.  Visit www.metropsc.com/scholarship to apply. 

                                                 JANUARY DEADLINES

    Gates Millennium Scholars Program:  Students must be African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American.  Students must be a citizen of USA, and have attained a cumulative GPA of atleast a 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.  Go to www.gmsp.org.

    Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarships:  The only eligibility requirements are that the applicant be enrolled, for the academic year following the award, in a degree program in an accredited American institute of post-secondary education and be a resident of the area of a participating local group of American Mensa.  To download and print an official entry form via the Internet, Visit http://www.mensafoundation.org/scholarships/for the appropriate links.  From the left side of the page, select the U.S. process link for details and instructions.

    The Texas Society of Professional Engineering Foundation (TEF) will award approximately $100,000 in scholarships to engineering students attending an ABET- accredited university.  For more information, please visit www.tspe.org.  

    McKelvey Foundation Entrepreneurial Scholarship:  For seniors who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit by owning and operating their own business while in high school.  .  Go to http://mckelveyfoundation.org/entrepreneurial/  to apply.

    Texas Student Housing Scholarship Program:  For seniors planning to attend college in Austin, San Marcos, College Station, and Denton.  This scholarship is to provide assistance for off-campus living which may not be allowed at the university for freshmen students.  Go to www.texasstudenthousing.net for more information.

                                             FEBRUARY DEADLINES

    Davidson Fellows Scholarships-  $50,000    To be eligible for this scholarship you must:  1.  You must be 18 or younger as of Oct. 4    2.  You must be a US citizen residing in United States, or a permanent resident of the United States.   Applications can be found:  http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php 

    Winning Characteristics Scholarship-  Making It Count will offer one national, $5,000 and 5 regional, $1,000 one-time award scholarships to high school seniors who have participated in the Making College & Career Count presentation , and who can exhibit excellence based on the "Winning Characteristics" highlighted in the program.   For more information on the scholarships, or to download an application, visit www.makingitcount.com/scholarship.

    Oklahoma State University: apply for the Honors College Scholarship, go to www.okstate.edu.honors.

    Carr Academic Scholarship Program at Angelo State University:  Freshman Schlarship Awards range in value from $2000 to $6000 for full-time undergraduate students.  Carr Academic Scholarships are based upon academic credentials.  

    Terry Foundation Scholarship is for spring 2021 graduates who demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership ability and financial need.  Go to http://www.uh.edu/honors/scholarships/terry_scholars.html for more information and application.  

    Ford Salute to Education:  All seniors should apply!!  Applications are available online at www.salutetoeducation.net.

    KFC Colonel's Scholars:  For seniors with minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher, enrolling in college, pursing a bachelor's degree and be a US citizen.  Apply online at www.kfcscholars.org.

    2020 Burger King Scholars:  For Seniors with a  cumulative GPA of 2.5, work part-time of 15 hours per week, actively involved in community service, demonstrate financial need, and planning to enroll in a 2 or 4 year college or tech school.   Go to www.bk.com/scholars to apply. .

    USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships:  For the 2020-2021 academic year USA Funds will award $1,500 scholarships to students with economic need.  To apply, go to www.usafunds.org/scholarship   Details about this scholarship program currently are posted on that website.

    Ronanld McDonald House Charity Scholarship:  For students who dream of going to college, but may not have the finances necessary.  Check out www.rmhc.orgwhere you can download a copy of the application or link to an on-line application.  

                          MARCH DEADLINES

    The Grand Scholarship-  $10,000     To be eligible for this scholarship you must:  1.  Participants are judged based on their initial application, on-site debates and participation during the week.  Go to :  http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php

    Catholic Life Insurance is offering the All American Scholar Program to high school senior members entering a college in the fall of 2021.  These are $1,000 scholarships!  Scholarship selections will be based on scholastic achievement, demonstration of leadership qualities and community service.  Please visit www.cliu.comto download application. 

    Odenza Marketing Scholarship-  $500    Applicants must 1.  Be between 16 and 25    2.  Submit answers to the essay questions, which can be found at: http://studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php

    Goss Michael Foundation Scholarship $5,000  

                          APRIL DEADLINES

    North Texas Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship  $500 scholarships which will be presented during GHS Class Night ceremonies this spring.  Student must be planning to pursue a career in a health related field.  www.nctc.org   


                    MAY DEADLINES


    Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship-  $5000    To be eligible for this scholarship you must:  1.  Be under 25 years of age    2.  Currently be a senior in high school.  Application can be found :  http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php