• Leopard's PRIDE -
    Classroom Expectations
    I believe that everyone is capable of learning new knowledge and skill each day. It is my goal to insure that every child has a safe and loving environment in which to learn. These B-guidelines are designed to create the best learning environment for your student’s academic success:
    Be Respectful
    Be Polite
    Be Prepared
    Be Productive
    Be Positive
    Classwork Guidelines
    Any assignment not completed during class time is expected to be completed at home and is due the next day.
    Grading Policy
    Any assignments, class work or homework, not turned in by Friday of that week will receive a failing grade. Parents may view student grades through the txConnect Parent Portal.  
    Late Work
    Students are responsible for turning in assignments on time. Late assignments are subject to deductions for each day they are late.
    Students are allowed to make corrections on math assignments up to a grade of 70.  All corrections must be made and turned in before due date or the grades will not be amended.