All personal information reported to the school counselor is considered confidential unless it entails:

        1. Harming one’s self or others

        2. Neglect or abuse 

    In these cases, a counselor is required by law to report this information to a legal guardian and/or the suitable agencies. 

                 Appointments with the school counselor can be made by:


    Student Request   

       The student may ask to come visit with me by asking their teacher, or by filling out a counseling request form and putting it in the basket located in the main office.


    Teacher Request

       The student's teacher may request for the student to visit with me.


    Parent Request

       The student's parent/guardian may request for the student to visit with me.


    Counselor Request

       If I see a need, I will ask for the student to visit with me.


    As the school counselor at Edison Elementary, it is my job to assist all students. My goal is for each student to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. Students may visit with me on an as-need basis unless there is further need for the student to be seen more frequently, or if there is a need for the student to participate in small group sessions. In this case, I will first require a signed parent permission slip, which will be provided, and will contain details regarding the need and purpose of the group session.