Objective:  Teach Students
    • the definitions of honesty and integrity
    • the importance of honesty and integrity
    • to do the right thing no matter what
    • that being dishonest will cause others to not believe anything they say
    • not to lie, cheat, or steal
    • consequences



    Objective:  Teach Students
    • that sometimes its not what you say but how you say it
    • the meaning of respect




    Objective:  Teach students
    • to do what they are supposed to do
    • to not give up, keep trying
    • to use self-control and self-decipline
    • to be responsible for the choices they make
    Objective:  Teach Students
    • that fairness is doing what is right so others aren't treated badly
    • that sometimes fairness means equal, but doesn't always mean the same
    Objective:  Teach Students
    • that caring is putting other's need before their own
    • that caring is being kind and thoughtful
    Objective:  Teach Students
    • what it means to be a good citizen
    • to use good manners and kind words
    • to obey the rules and respect authority
    • to accept responsibility for their actions