• 90-100   A

    80-89     B

    70-79     C

    69 and below   Failing



    Once your grade drops below an 80%, you are asked to attend Tutorials ASAP to stop your grade from going any lower.  Mandatory Tutorials are assigned for before and after school if grades fall below a 70%.  If you need to stay after 4:15, please let me know so that I can receive approval BOFORE you need to stay.



    For Make-Up/Late Work

    When the student returns to class, I will inform him/her of the work that is to be completed and the date for completion.  The student is responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work in a satisfactory manner within the number of days they were gone plus one.  Late work is not the same as Makeup work!  Late work occurs when a student is present in class, but does not turn in the work on time.  If a student turns in late work, they have three days to turn in a late assignment.  The highest grade they can receive on the assignment is a 70%.  After 3 days, the student shall receive a zero and the grade is noted as "LATE" in the gradebook.


    • Tutorials are available mornings and afternoons.
    • If a student fails a test or does not complete an assignment or project, the student MUST attend tutorials until the work is completed correctly!  
    • Late Work(Student is present in class but does not turn in the assignment.) If a student turns in late work, they have 3 days to turn in the missing assignment.  The highest grade that can be received is a 70.  After 3 days, the student shall receive a 0 on the assignment.
    • Make-Up Work:  Please see the teacher to make arrangements if you KNOW that you are going to be absent.  If an unforseen absence occurs, the student has 3 days to make-up an assignment.