I, ____________________________________, agree to adhere to all terms of the following classroom contract:

    •  I acknowledge the terms and conditions found in the GHS Student Handbook and/or classroom policies, of these terms and conditions I specifically agree to, to the best of my abilities, follow these guidelines:
    •  I will show up to class on-time with the required materials and completed homework.  If I am tardy,  I must sign the “Tardy Log”.  Tardies will accumulate and result in consequences.
    • I will do my best to treat my peers with kindness and respect, even if our opinions differ.
    • I understand it is my responsibility to ask my teacher about absences, before and after the absence.
    • I understand that if I have other commitments(i.e., sports, UIL, work,  family obligations) that are interfering with my school  work, I will let my teacher know so that we may come to  a suitable arrangement for late or missing work.
    • I understand that any cheating found in this classroom will result in a 0.  I may redo the assignment for up to 70% if I am found cheating. (DO NOT copy and paste your friend’s work and use it as your own,)
    • To the very best of my ability,   I will not plagiarize other’s  writing in my work.  I understand that this means no copying and pasting from online resources.
    • I  understand that my cell phone/earbuds will not be used in the classroom and that if it becomes a problem, I will be asked to  surrender my cell phone/earbuds and follow the GISD policies and procedures.  ALL cell phones will be TURNED OFF and placed in the holder.  Earbuds/headphones will be put away.
    • I understand that I am required to comply with the dress code when I enter the campus.  If I am out of dress code, I will be asked to correct the problem.  If I can correct the problem, I will do so immediately.  If I cannot correct the problem, I will be sent to the office.  These actions result in my not participating in the classroom assignments/discussion. It is my responsibility to get the work that I have missed.  
    • I understand that I must comply with the Culinary Dress Code when participating in any lab assignments in the classroom or kitchen.  Medical Alert bracelets may be worn.  My hair will be contained with a hat/cap, hair tie, or hair net.  I will also wear long pants and closed-toed shoes.  The only jewelry permitted will be a small band(ring).  NO earrings, necklaces, or piercings.  Fingernails must be clipped/trimmed to a short length without polish.  NO fake nails.  Please make sure that your clothing is clean.  No outerwear(coats) or hoodies in the lab/kitchen area.  Limit make-up.  NO false lashes.
    • My student ID must be visible and worn at all times when  I am on campus.

    I understand that this is the culinary arts department.  I am not allowed to bring and/or consume outside food or drinks into the classroom or kitchen areas.  Foods prepared in the culinary classroom will be eaten in the classroom.  No foods will leave the culinary classroom unless specific permission has been granted.



    1. Listen when your teacher is talking.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking.
    3. Follow the teacher's directions
    4. Treat others with kindness and respect.
    5. Pick up after yourself.
    6. Be on time for class and in proper dress code.
    7. Be prepared:  Binder, Paper, Pencil, Homework
    8. Always do your best!


    • Go to the restroom during passing periods before class starts.  Emergencies occur and will be delt with on an individual basis.  No one leaves the class for a restroom break during the first and last ten minutes of class.  Students will not leave during direct instruction time. If a student has a medical problem, I need a note from a doctor.
    • Cell phones and electronic devices will not be out in class! Cell phones will be placed in the plastic holder on the wall when a student enters the classroom.  The cell phone policy as indicated in the Student Handbook will be followed.
    • Make-up and grooming items will not be used during class. These items are not appropriate for the culinary classroom and will be taken and returned on the last day of school.
    • No food or drink in the classroom!  Please eat snacks and meals BEFORE coming into the classroom.  This is culinary arts, and we will cook as part of the lesson.  All food will be consumed before leaving the classroom.  No leftovers will be taken from the classroom to be shared with friends or eaten at lunch.
    • Dress code according to the handbook will be enforced!  All culinary students will be in appropriate culinary dress code before entering the lab area.
    • Remember that being tardy will affect your exam exemptions!
    • Take ownership of your social contract.  Honor the expectations that your class selected.


    • Treat electronic devices properly.
    • Hotspots are available for check out to use at home.
    • Charge your Chromebook at home so that you are prepared for the following day.
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner, paying attention to due dates. You shall receive at least 2 grades per week and 1 major grade by progress reports.  All of your assignments are listed in Google Classroom and include due dates!
    • Ask questions if you do not understand a topic or concept.
    • Make sure that your contact information is current and correct.
    • Access your Student Portal to check grades frequently.