• As Covid surges at the beginning of this school year, many questions remain unanswered; however, ALL students are expected to participate and complete ALL assignments in a timely manner.  Because culinary arts classes are based on the food service industry, it is recommended that a mask or face shield is worn at all times when in the kitchen and around food.  Please practice social distancing. 


    1. Listen when your teacher is talking.
    2. Raise your hand before speaking.
    3. Follow the teacher's directions
    4. Treat others with kindness and respect.
    5. Pick up after yourself.
    6. Be on time for class and in proper dress code.
    7. Be prepared:  Binder, Paper, Pencil, Homework
    8. Always do your best!


    • Go to the restroom during passing periods before class starts.  Emergencies occur and will be delt with on an individual basis.  No one leaves the class for a restroom break during the first and last ten minutes of class.  Students will not leave during direct instruction time. If a student has a medical problem, I need a note from a doctor.
    • Cell phones and electronic devices will not be out in class! The cell phone policy as indicated in the Student Handbook will be followed.
    • Make-up and grooming items will not be used during class. These items are not appropriate for the culinary classroom and will be taken and returned on the last day of school.
    • No food or drink in the classroom!  Please eat snacks and meals BEFORE coming into the classroom.  This is culinary arts, and we will cook as part of the lesson.  All food will be consumed before leaving the classroom.  No leftovers will be taken from the classroom to be shared with friends or eaten at lunch.
    • Dress code according to the handbook will be enforced!  All culinary students will be in appropriate culinary dress code before entering the lab area.
    • Remember that being tardy will affect your exam exemptions!
    • Take ownership of your social contract.  Honor the expectations that your class selected.


    • Treat electronic devices properly
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner, paying attention to due dates  Be aware that you are receiving attendance credit and academic credit for your work.  You shall receive at least 2 grades per week and 1 major grade by progress report just like the in-person learners.  You will receive an Agenda so that you know the assignments and due dates.
    • Ask questions if you do not understand a topic or concept
    • Make sure that your contact information is current and correct
    • Join and participate in any/all scheduled virtual meetings.  If you are on a virual meeting, please pay attention to your surroundings. Mute your microphone unless you are speaking  to  the group. Please make sure your comments are appropriate.