• Underclassmen:
    Stop by and ask us your questions! We are here for you to make the most of your high school experience. It begins in 9th grade. We can work along with you, your counselor, and parents to set you up for success. Do you dream of going to college? Let us make your dream a reality..

    Be sure to have a plan for your busiest year in high school. The theme for the year is FAST- (F) fee (A) application (S) scores and (T) transcripts. Having this information sent to your selected college/university will result in the quickest response. Do you need help with ANYTHING? Please come see us so we can make the most of  your time and efforts.

    Parents and Guardians: 
    Your support is always appreciated. We welcome you for meetings. Please send us your concerns via email or phone. We are here to serve you AND your child! 
    We have an OPEN DOOR Policy!
    We have a calendar outside our door that will let you know IF we are closed for the day, but our goal is to ALLWAYS have someone here and ready to serve YOU! YOU are the key to program success and we think YOU are valuable. Occasionally, we will be out on field trips to show our students different colleges.
    COME BY ROOM C229. Our hours are 7:30 - 4:00 Tuesday and Thursday 
                                                                    8:00 - 4:00 Wednesday and Friday
                                                                     Monday by appointment only
    See you soon! #TRIOWorks