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  • Too Creepy to remain a Mystery

    Posted by Windy Fulmer on 7/20/2016

    If you're looking for a mystery with a definite creepy feel to it, look no further than What Waits in the Woods by author Kieran Scott. This is the story of teenagers who go camping and hiking in the woods.  Callie has never been camping before and she would be 10 times more terrified if her boyfriend, Johnny, wasn't camping with them.

    Seems okay, right? Girls have one tent, Johnny has another. It's your typical camping experience with someone who has never been hiking or camping before--every sound is terrifying to them, they see and hear things that just aren't there and Callie is one of those people! Is that blood? No. Is that a body? No.  Is that a crazy animal or person screaming and laughing in the woods? Uh. YES! Who is it? What do they want with these teenagers? Who is watching their every move and plotting their demise? It's what waits in the woods and it's coming for them...

    To find this book and other scarier books...go to the Horror section.  EEK-FIC.

    What Waits in the Woods, EEK-FIC KIEEEK

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