• ¡Hola clase y familias!

    I know this has been a very different kind of experience for all of us, but I hope everyone got to enjoy something over summer break. Time with friends/family, rest, music, gaming, projects, whatever it is you like to do while staying safe.

    Welcome to the new GJH Spanish class! While some things will stay the same (class period,  me, Spanish class still being about Spanish), a lot of things are going to be considerably different in 2020-2021, but...

    We're awesome.

    We're Leopards.

    We've got this!


    GJH will begin classes Wednesday, August 19th.  Resources and assignments will be posted here on my webpage, Google Classroom, and in class.

    From this point forward, we'll have a number of ways to connect.

    • Email:  jvanet@gainesvilleisd.com
    • This webpage
      • Course information, updates, assignments and tips will be available here as well as on our Google Classroom page (more info on that below).
    • Remind app/website - www.remind.com
      • Remind is available as a website or an app on all major app stores.  It will allow us to connect via messaging any time or by phone during the "school day" (M-F 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM). 
      • Join Codes by Class
        • 1st Period Spanish 1:   @vanet001
        • 2nd Period Spanish 1:  @vanet002
        • 3rd Period Spanish 1:   @vanet003
        • 5th Period Spanish 1:   @vanet005
        • 6th Period Spanish 2:   @vanet006
        • 7th Period Spanish 2:   @vanet007
        • 8th Period Spanish 1:   @vanet008
    • Google Classroom
      • This will be the best place to interact with teachers and classmates.  Course information, updates, assignments, and tips will be available here.  In Google Classroom, we can interact with one another through posts/announcements as a whole class and one-on-one through the comments section on each assignment.
      • There is one Google Classroom for each class period.  I will email invitations to everyone's student gainesvilleisd.com email address (first initial, last name, dot grad  year@gainesvilleisd.com - Ex:  jvanet.2008@gainesvilleisd.com)
        • These emails are hosted through Gmail and will be used to access available Google aps (Drive, Docs, Slides, etc...)
      • If you DO NOT have the student email address:  Email me at jvanet@gainesvilleisd.com or contact me on Remind (info above).  I'll be glad to help!