US History Grading Policy

Mrs. W's Grading System

  • Daily Grades - 40%

    Tests - 60%


    Students are responsible for obtaining assignments for missed days of school. Students are allowed the same number of days missed to make up missing assignments. Students missing assessments must arrange a time to make-up the assessment before or after school, or select a tutorial time. This includes excused, unexcused, and school activities.

    Late Work:

    Students who have missing work will be assigned Leopard Success for lunch ontil it is completed; however, afetr 2 days after schiool detention may be assigned.

    The gradeing for late  assignments will be handled as follows: 

    Honors - 10 points per each day late

    On Level - 5 points for each day late

    Exception: Sentence of the Week is completed as a class and is not allowed to be redone or made up if marked "Missing." If a student is absent, notations are made in their journal, and completion for days miss is not required, but encouraged.


    Extra Credit:

    Extra credit opportunities may throughout the year. These opportunities may include: Surprise binder checks, research projects, and other activities. ALL extra credit assignments will require research, work, preparation, and effort.