• Evaluation

    • 40% of a student’s grade includes major assignments such as tests and projects. 
    • 60% of a student’s grade includes daily grades, in-class assignments, and homework. Because language learning is a discipline based entirely upon the need for communication and interaction, students’ daily grades will be based largely on participation and effort.


    • Again, because language learning is based on communication and interaction, students are urged to be in class as much as possible to be successful in my class.

    Late Work

    • If a student fails to submit a homework assignment on time, he/she has one week after the due date to submit the assignment for full credit.  If he/she fails to take advantage of that opportunity, they may still submit the assignment for 75% credit.
    • Major assignments submitted after the established deadline will receive a deduction of 10 points for each day it is late.
    • Missing assignments will be completed during Leopard Success Hour or at home.

    Make-up Work

    • Students have the number of days they were absent to turn in any make-up work with no penalty.  After that period, the Late Work policy above applies.  Students are responsible for obtaining missed work upon returning to class.  If a student misses a quiz or test, they must speak with me to make an appointment to make it up before or after school or during Leopard Success Hour.  Students will not be allowed to take make-up assessments during normal class time.