• Classroom Expectations:

    Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe.

    Don't distract us from learning!



    Please look in your child's Take Home Folder every day! :)

    Please read with your child every day! :)

    A Daily Behavior Report will be sent home every day in your child's take home folder. Please look this over and discuss it with your child. It's my job to create a safe and engaging learning environment. It's their job to learn. Their behavior greatly impacts their learning.

    On the back will be a Reading Log. Reading is their daily homework. Please sign the Log after they read to you. On Friday mornings, they are rewarded for doing their homework, which means they have read EVERY night and EACH day on the log is SIGNED by a parent. (Rewards are little fun things like wear a hat in class, write with a pen, or visit the treasure chest.)