1Classroom Discipline Plan



    -Listen when someone is speaking.

    -Raise your hand to speak.

    -Follow directions quickly.

    -Be a caring friend.

    -Always do your best work.

    Praise and rewards will be the main form of discipline.  Students will receive praise, tokens, and stickers for good behavior.  The tokens may be used to purchase items such as stickers, pencils or bookmarks.  Students will also have a sticker book.  At the end of the month they will be allowed to choose something from the treasure box if they have filled up their sticker page.
    I will also be using Class Dojo.  You will receive information on how to sign up.  It will let you see immediately if your child receives positive and negative points. You may also communicate with me through Class Dojo.
    The students will receive Leopard Bucks to purchase items from the Spot Shop.
    A weekly newsletter will be sent home with student work attached.  There is a place where their behavior for the week is marked.  Students will either receive a "good" or "needs work because".  If "needs work because" is circled, and explanation of the student's behavior will be included.  Parents are asked to sign and return the bottom of the newsletter.
    If a student has consistent difficulty following the class rules, parents will be notified of the child's behavior.
    SEVERE DISRUPTION  The student is sent immediately to the principal's office.  The principal will inform the parents if this happens.