• Asthma Action Plan (please print)

     Students diagnosed with asthma should be under the care of a doctor to determine treatment, medication, and modifications if necessary.  Students will require an Asthma Action Plan (form enclosed).  

    If a rescue inhaler is needed while on school property or school related event the requirements are: 

    • Asthma Action Plan form on file signed by your physician (form enclosed)
    • Student can possess and self-administer if an Asthma Action Plan form is filed in the nurses office stating you are developmentally capable of doing so
    • Quick-Relief inhalers only are allowed at school such as: Albuterol (Proventil or Ventolin) or Xopenex

    Steroid inhalers are not to be carried or administered at school. 


    Nebulizer Treatments can be administered at school only if: (Temporarily unavailable related to COVID protocols)

    • Required paperwork with doctors signature is filed with the school nurse
    • Medication is properly labeled with the students prescription on the box
    • Nebulizer & tubing provided by student.  Some campuses have a Nebulizer students can use but tubing must be provided by student.  Ask your School Nurse if a nebulizer is available.


    911 will be called if

    • No improvement within 15 minutes or 5 minutes if no nurse is available and relatives can’t be reached
    • Student is quickly getting worse