GISD Vision Statement
    GISD, as an integral part of the local community and global economy, provides a first-class education for all students,

    -Empowering stakeholders
    -Embracing diversity and
    -Expecting excellence with integrity. 

     GISD Mission Statement
     The mission of the Gainesville Independent School District is to provide opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for immediate and future success for all students, PK-12, through a cooperative effort of school, home and community.

    • A quality and equitable education in a safe orderly environment is the right of all students.
    • The student is the most important person in the school setting and all educational decisions should place the child first.
    • All students can learn when high expectations, quality instruction, time and resources are appropriately given.
    • Basic skills and critical thinking are the foundation of lifelong learning.
    • Excellence in public education is best achieved through a cooperative effort of students, family, staff and community at the local level.
    • Understanding of and respect for diversity are vital to public education.
    • Morals and values are necessary components of education with all people having inherent value and worth.
    • Each person is responsible for his/her own actions and has an obligation to contribute positively to society.
    • Education is more successful when society agrees that the primary function of school is to assure the education of students.
    • Our district should be a learning, innovative and progressive organization that provides lifelong learning opportunities for students, parents, staff and community members.