• Look what we've made!

    On this page you will find pictures of the many art projects we will be creating during the year. This will be a great place to look and see how well we have improved our art skills ... Enjoy!
     Children's Illustrators are my heroes, especially when it comes to teaching art to Kindergarten and First grade students, so you will see LOTS of art work that has been inspired by some of my favorite children's books!

    Below is a photo gallery of the artwork we have been doing this year in Fine Arts
    The Photo Gallery will include these art projects
    * Artwork inspired by the book Giraffes Can't Dance
    *Trees inspired by the artwork of Gustav Klimt
    *Gardens inspired byt he artwork of Claude Monet
    * Artwork inspired by the book Elmer
    * Artwork inspired by the book Diary of a Worm
    * Artwork inspired by the book Mouse Paint
    * Gainesville Leopard Mascot Art
    * Walking Witch Feet