Gifted & Talented

  • GISD gifted and talented students need a qualitatively differentiated program that is advanced, complex, and in-depth. The core purpose of the Gainesville ISD’s gifted program is to facilitate the optimal development of each student’s intellectual and creative gifts and talents. The program emphasizes the identification of gifted and talented students beginning in kindergarten.

GT Information

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  • Gainesville Independent School District recognizes students from all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups, regardless of existing handicaps or disabilities, who may demonstrate an exceptional ability in academic or divergent thinking. 

    In accordance with the Texas Education Code 29.12, Gainesville Independent School District defines “gifted and talented” as a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who exhibits high-performance capability, or excels in a particular academic field. It is the goal of GISD to ensure all such students are provided with a variety of educational experiences which support their individual potential for excellence. 

    Gainesville Independent School District has adopted policies and designed programs to address the unique needs of those students identified by a local review committee as needing additional services through our gifted and/or talented program. Identified gifted and talented students are provided with ongoing educational services through the district’s gifted/talented programs and services. 

Referral Process & Timeline

  • Every year in November, there is a window of time in which referrals are accepted for testing for the Gifted & Talented program. The referral link and additional information will be posted here as well as distributed to all parents and teachers.

    If you have any questions, please contact your campus G/T teacher or Advanced Academics Coordinator Tamra Warner at