• Major Grades: 40%

    -Tests and Projects

    Minor Grades: 60%

    -Quizzes, Bellwork, Engagement, Daily Work, etc.


    Every assignment will have a specified due date that will be openly communicated. For late work, you have 3 days after the due date has passed to turn in the assignment for a max grade of 70. After 3 days, the assignment will be automatically graded as a ZERO.

    If you plan to be absent due to an extracurricular activity (UIL event, athletics, etc.), you are expected to pick up the work you will miss BEFORE the day you will be absent. If you are unexpectedly absent (illness), you may pick it up the day you come back from the designated absence folder. You will have the number of days you missed plus one to complete the missed assignment(s) and turn them in. For example, if you are absent for two days, you will have three days from the day you come back to complete your work.

    We will have at least two major grades every six weeks and at least two minor grades each week.


    Please make sure you (or a parent) are checking your grades through the parent portal! If you see a mistake, come speak with me as soon as possible! My door is always open for questions regarding your grade in my class!