• I will be utilizing Google classroom as a classroom tool for in-class assignments, homework and absent work.   Log in to Google using your school email address. Select the Google Classroom app.


     Click HERE to access the "Parent's Guide to Google Classroom"


    Google Classroom Codes     

    1st period Social Studies-     

    2nd period Social Studies-   

    3rd-5th period ELAR-            

    7th-9th period ELAR-            


    Google Classroom and Google email account info for students


    How to log into Google Accounts and Chromebooks:

    Email address:  first initial + last name + period + year of graduation @gainesvilleisd.com

    Username Example: sroberts.2026@gainesvilleisd.com

    Password:  you will need to contact me to get your password if you don't remember it.  


    Desktop Computer Login: School computers only!


    Student first initial + last name + period + expected year of graduation

    Example: Joe Jones = jjones.2026


    Last 4 digits of student’s lunch number