GISD Parent & Family Engagement Policy

  • Parent & Family Engagement (PFE) Program

    What is it?

    Gainesville ISD is committed to our vision: reaching every student every day to be learners and leaders. We strive to provide high-quality individualized education for each student by developing and maintaining relationships with families and the community. One way we can continue to do this is by participating in the Title I, Part A State Program. This program provides funding for low-socioeconomic schools. In return, we promise to meet the expectations laid out for us by the Texas Education Agency and the United States Department of Education.

    Expectations & Objectives

    Parents and families are a child’s first teacher. They imitate you from the moment they are born. Therefore, a mutually beneficial relationship between school and home is in the best interest of every child. The expectation of our PFE Program is to foster communication and decision-making with parents about student performance and to collaboratively support learning. Our objectives are:

    • Effective two-way communication between school and home is linked to a higher completion rate on homework, better attention during instructional tasks, increased participation by all parties, and improved interactions and relationships between parents, teachers, and students.
    • If a child’s parents are more involved in school experiences, the child is more likely to have higher grades, improved behavior, better attendance, higher social skills, and adaption.
    • Learning together leads to better school and home life.
    • Being a life-long learner can prevent some health issues that often occur later in life.

    Gainesville ISD will:

    • Create a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) in which parents will be included. This board will plan, develop, evaluate, and revise support and school improvement plans.
    • Hold regular meetings where the Parent Advisory Committee will seek input from families, community members and educators.
    • Distribute the PFE Policy, this document, to parents and the communities by:
      • Posting it on our district website, and keeping it up to date
      • Distributing printed copies to all the local churches, restaurants, and other businesses
      • Sending a printed copy home with every student
      • Distributing printed copies and/or QR codes to the electronic version at all the school’s annual meetings
    • Have a representative at every school’s annual Title I meeting
    • Have a representative at every school PFE event
    • Per request, provide the qualifications of a child’s teacher
    • Conduct evaluations of every PFE event at each school, collect that data, and give a report about that school
    • Assist schools in the evaluation and revision of their PFE policy and school-parent compact
    • Evaluate the District Parent and Family Program and its policy throughout the year and revise it as needed
    • Provide training for every district employee on the most effective PFE strategies
    • Provide the following training for parents on how to navigate the school system:
      • Roles & Responsibilities
      • Enrollment
      • Attendance
      • Parent-Teacher Communication
      • Engagement
      • Transitions
      • Junior High Courses offered

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