Bluebonnet and 2x2 Requirements
    •   Students must read (or have read to them) 5 books from their list.
    •   The teachers will check off the book on their poster.
    •   We will vote in January.
    •   The winner is announced in April.

      We have a celebration in each class in May.

    Tumble Books

    This is a great site to read books online
    Our username:  Chalmers
    Our password:  books


    Classroom Resources - This is a link to the State & Region provided classroom resources from Region XI for W.E. Chalmers with the passcodes.  Included are: 
    • PowerMedia Plus
    • Facts on File
    • World & I Kids
    • World & I Kids
    • One Place
    • Discovery Education Streaming
    Book mark this site to get information about authors and their books -




    Our school password = Chalmers

    This is available to anyone connected to W.E. Chalmers, teachers, students, and parents.  Enjoy!

      Kids Info Bits - http://go.galegroup.com/ps/start.do?p=ITKE&u=j049901001&authCount=1