• Academic Integrity is a fundamental value of teaching, learning and scholarship. GISD has the primary responsibility for protecting and promoting the highest standards of academic integrity. Both students and faculty will thrive in an atmosphere where academic work is challenging, relevant, and fair.

    1. Student work will be graded and the grades recorded in a timely manner in order to provide feedback to students and parents. Student achievement is enhanced when feedback is immediate and precise, so teachers will grade work promptly and return it to students for review.

    2. No single grade shall count more than 30% of the six-weeks average or the semester average.

    3. Semester exams are 20% of the semester grade.

    4. Grades should be sufficient in number and category (homework, quizzes, tests, etc.) to reflect an accurate measure of a student’s progress and achievement.

    For more information about GISD grading policies, please visit: https://www.gainesvilleisd.org/cms/lib/TX01000879/Centricity/Domain/27/2019-2020%20GISD%20%20SECONDARY%20GRADING%20Assessment%20Handbook%20FINAL.pdf