• Grading Policy

    Major grades will represent 40% of the grading period average. The remaining 60% of the grade will be based on daily activities such as homework, class work, daily observations, daily quizzes, and class participation. These grades should be a balanced representation of work completed during the semester. The semester grade is an average of the three grading periods and the semester examination grade.

    3-Week Progress Reports

    Progress reports will be printed and mailed home for every student at the end of the first 3-weeks of the grading period.

    Late Work Policy

    Late work occurs when a student is present in class, but does not turn in their work on time. This is not the same as "make-up” work as designated in the section above. If a student turns in late work they have 3 days to turn in the late assignment. The highest grade they can receive on the assignment is a 70.