• Jazz Band This course provides basic instruction in jazz-related rhythm, tone, style, concept, listening skills, woodwind doubling possibilities and improvisation. The ultimate goal of this ensemble is to give interested students an opportunity to study and perform jazz ensemble literature. Concurrent enrollment in a concert band ensemble is required, as is orchestra for bassists. Exception: pianists and guitarists. Placement in this ensemble is determined through annual auditions that are held late in the spring semester annually.

    The goal of this class is to give every student a solid grounding in the style, performance, theory, and history of Jazz in the 20th century. These goals will be accomplished through the applied performance of jazz music in the classroom and public/festival performances. All students enrolled in Jazz Band will be able to learn and grow as musicians regardless of previous experiences playing jazz music. Throughout the course of the year students will be exposed to a variety of musical styles including, but not limited to Bebop, Big Band, Latin, Blues, and Rock. Students will also be given the opportunity to learn jazz improvisation, as well as techniques for playing jazz in a small group setting.