GISD Explores Transitioning to a 4-Day Instructional Calendar

  • Why is GISD considering a 4-day instructional week for students?

    Increase student achievement: more time for teachers to prepare, an anticipated increase in student attendance, impact on student well-being, and provide personalized intervention.

    Teacher recruitment and retention: time for professional development and planning, teacher/staff work-life balance, increase in teacher attendance.


Survey Results

  • Parents
  • Staff
  • 5th - 12th Grade Students


  • When would this be implemented?

  • What school districts have already moved to a 4-day week?

  • For planning purposes, when will a determination be made on the calendar?

  • How long will the school day be?

  • Will the school year be extended?

  • Is this driven towards the benefits to teachers only?

  • Will the non-instruction days be set or will it vary depending on the week?

  • Have other schools seen improvements in student grades and/or attendance?

  • What students would be asked to come on the non-instructional day?

  • If there are any cost-savings to the district from moving to a four-day instructional week, will funds go toward special programs?

  • Will the district provide any childcare on the non-instructional day?

  • How do the current teachers feel about this potential change?