2023 Shining Stars Gala

  • A celebration provided by the GISD Education Foundation

    The Gainesville ISD Education Foundation honored the GHS Class of 2023 Top 10% at the Shining Stars Gala. Each Distinguished Scholar selected one teacher from their years at GISD to honor be honored as their Distinguished Educator at this special event.

    The students each prepared a letter of gratitude addressed to their selected teacher, which was included in the program and read by the student at the gala. In return, each educator prepared a short video showing their appreciation to the student.

    In addition to providing the meal for all attendees, the Foundation gifted each scholar a $100 amazon gift card as a reward for their outstanding academic achievements.

    Students and educators who were honored were:
    Andrew Hoberer/Loren Freeman, Tatum Rains/LJ Searcy, Nolan Gardner/Chris Bevers, Melaina Denison/Janet Johnson, Paola Rico/Susan Fuller, Benson Tran/Kelly Stogner, Jazlynna Bergeron/Natalie Dollar, Hayley Colwell/Joanna Ceja, Noe Martinez/Dre Pringle, Natalie Montoya/Danny Franco, Adriana Galano/Morgan Sims, Leonardo Elias/Nicole Rich, Pablo Moreno/Carlos Camarena, Cooper Emerson/Kyle Searcy, Mason Bean/Sharlene Bryan, Jayelynn Graham/Tracy Vineyard, Javier Fraire/Francisco Bermudez, Arlen Alvarez/Claudia Brito, Alexa Green/Lauren Denison, Zyla Alonso Fernandez/Keli Royal.

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