• Join the Edison PTO today!  
    We are committed to helping our students and staff at Edison Elementary. Find out how you can help!  The PTO will meet the first Monday of every month to discuss what is coming up that month and review what was accomplished the previous month. We will see you there! 
    We provide help with campus events in addition to funraisers for school activities.    
    Last year we raised $2,623 for Edison by selling tshirts, box tops, and the rummage sale 
    Where did the money go?
    • purchased gift cards for open house
    • helped fund the watch dog program
    • helped pay for the Christmas parties
    • PE supplies and wireless headset for PE teacher
    • purchased food and supplies for the carnival
    • helped fun field trips to NCTC
    • purchased paint for the campus
    • rented bounce houses for field day
    • teacher appreciation 
    In addition to the monetary benefits of the PTO, we volunteered for a variety of events on campus, helped with an extensive campus clean up, and we helped build the relationship betwen the staff and our families!