Return to Learn

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    NOTICE: The conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are continually evolving, and Gainesville ISD’s Return to Learn plans will be constantly evaluated to adapt to the continuing trends of the COVID-19 virus in Texas and specifically in Cooke County.

    Gainesville ISD will offer two options of instructional delivery models for our students: Traditional at-school learning on campus or virtual learning at home. The virtual learning option is being provided for our families who have health and safety concerns with sending their children back to school.

    Visit the links below to learn more about each option:

    link to information about at-school learning

    link to info about virtual academy

    Information for All Families to Consider Prior to Determining an Option

    • Both in-building and virtual academy students will follow the same “bell” schedule.
    • Both in-building and remote classrooms will use large- and small-group instruction for remediation and enrichment activities.
    • Both in-building and virtual academy students will demonstrate mastery of concepts using traditional methods as well as assessments emphasizing application over memorization.
    • Both remote and virtual academy students will have frequent breaks throughout the day.
    • Both remote and virtual academy students will have the same expectations and experiences regarding the curriculum.
    • Virtual academy students who take a class for which there is no remote teacher may need to virtually attend the in-building classroom for instruction.
    • Similarly, students who come into the building for learning may need to virtually attend a remote classroom for instruction if the teacher is only available remotely. In situations such as this, an area will be available in the building for students to both social-distance and to access their class remotely. 


General Q&A

  • Why is Gainesville ISD offering families options? Why not offer full remote or full in-building instruction?

  • Why isn’t the district considering a hybrid option?

  • Where is Gainesville ISD receiving its guidance?

  • What should families with health issues or a high-risk member of the household choose?

  • Are students and staff required to wear masks or face coverings?

  • Will there be temperature checks before entering school each day?

  • Will there be COVID-19 testing for staff and students?

  • How long is the commitment for in-building/remote instruction?

  • When will notifications of choice be made?

  • Will the school year calendar change?

  • How will staff & families receive the application to choose?

  • Will we have Meet the Teacher?

  • How does the June 30 TEA guidance that says school districts cannot require parents to commit to a learning format more than two weeks before the start of school affect the Return to Learn plan?