Bell Schedule

  • GJHS Daily Schedule

    1st Period 7:45-8:50
    2nd Period 8:53-9:42
    3rd Period 9:45-10:33
    4th Period 10:36-11:25
    5th Period & Lunches

    A Lunch 11:28-11:58
    B Lunch 12:01-12:31
    C Lunch 12:34-1:04

    6th Period 1:07-1:56
    7th Period 1:59-2:48
    8th Period 2:51-3:40

    Virtual students will follow the same 8 period schedule that face to face students follow. Students schedules can be viewed on Parent Portal or picked up from the GJHS front office. Students must be appropriately dressed, awake, and ready to learn at 7:45 when first period begins.

    Students who chose the Online Virtual Academy of Learning will receive instruction via Google Meet (video conference) through their GISD Google account. Students not present for their entire Google Meet meetings throughout the day will be marked absent. There will be times throughout the day where students are expected to work on assignments and, just like at-school learning, they may have additional homework to complete in the evening.

    A student must be present for 90% of the time or they risk losing credit, truancy, or being retained. (Education Code 25.093/25.0851). It is the parents responsibility to monitor and ensure that the student is attending their virtual classes every day.


    Virtual teachers will contact each student via their GISD student email account with the specific details of their class period, expectations and Google Classroom Code.


    Student email addresses are:
    students first initial last name . year they graduate @
    For example: