What is it like to teach in Gainesville ISD?

    Hear from teachers share their experiences of what it like is to teach in GISD.


    Learn about the many bright spots from our teachers shared in Gainesville ISD in North Texas—from the family-like atmosphere to the many supports available.


    Hear from Shirley Gibbs, an experienced teacher at Gainesville High School share about her experiences of professional support and impact she's been able to make on the lives of students.


    Hear from Bruce Davis, a math and special education teacher and an athletic coach at Gainesville High School, share about his experiences of living and working in Gainesville—including how this is a growing community but still has a small town feel. In addition, he shares the many opportunity and resources for professional growth that GISD has offered him, including being part of his school's teacher-driven instructional leadership team and head of the math department. 


    Hear from Ashley Dill, a reading interventionist at Edison Elementary, share about her experiences of working in our smaller size district of approximately 3,100 students. GISD offers the resources and opportunities of larger districts including professional development and career ladder growth—but what makes GISD different is that as an educator, you aren't just a number.


    Hear from Randy Freeman, an experienced physics and engineering teacher at Gainesville High School, share about his appreciation for growing professionally, including the freedom to be who he is as a teacher and being placed in a position that fits his skills and talents.


    Hear from Taryn Krantz Castodio, a teacher at Edison Elementary School, share about her experiences of support, career growth, and community. From the moment she was hired, she shares how her administration has taken the time to get to know her and make her feel valued as an educator.


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