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2019-2020 Student Advisory Council

The Gainesville High School Student Advisory Council (SAC) gathered together for the first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 17.  Mayor Jim Goldsworthy was invited to this meeting as a special guest.  The SAC is an organized group of students who will meet with Dr. Stewart monthly to discuss important topics within Gainesville High School.  These students are empowered to be the student voice, giving valuable input and engaging in productive conversation with Dr. Stewart throughout the year.    

The GHS culinary class, under the direction of Ms. Kristal Young, prepared and served lunch for everyone in attendance at the meeting. 

Members of the 2019-2020 SAC are:

Seniors: Rocco Tejeda, Cooper Goldsworthy, Yolanda Marin, Kathryn Creeks

Juniors: Daniel Buenos Aires, Melody Rutherford, Antonio Ochoa, Pshylah Kemp

Sophomores: Whitney Dosher, Debora Castillo, Desmond Pouncil, Marissa Andujo

Freshman: Leonardo Elias, Kaliahna Phillips, Zyla Alonso

2019 student advisory council