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Board of Trustees Approves Facility Upgrades at GHS

At the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, September 16, the Board unanimously approved the scope of work and pricing for construction of 6 tennis courts and the turf installation at the baseball and softball fields at Gainesville High School. Hellas was previously approved as the design build firm at the July 15, 2019 meeting.  Since that time, design and price negotiation have taken place to reach the final approval on Monday.


Tennis Courts
The GHS campus has been without any tennis courts since the campus moved to the current location in 2008.  The 6 new courts will be located southeast of the Multipurpose facility, directly north of the band marching grid.  The project includes the courts, fencing, windscreens, lighting, bleachers, electrical receptacles, and soil stabilization.  The cost for the full scope of the project totals $1,034,368, which will be paid from the district's fund balance.


Turf Installation
The turf installation project at the current GHS softball and baseball fields will include full turf install, drainage repairs in the dugout, foul poles, flagpoles, fencing, ADA ramp from the road to field, concrete perimeter curb, flat drain system for the softball field, and soil stabilization at both locations. The cost for the full scope of the project totals $2,556,703, which will be paid from the district's fund balance.


The extensive soil work must be complete at all sites, resulting in the excavation and moisture conditioning to the top 10-12 feet of the soil.  The stabilization costs is $123,284 for the tennis courts and $914,716 for the softball/baseball fields. These costs are a substantial amount of the costs shown for each project. 


The projects will begin immediately due to time sensitivity of the beginning of the spring seasons for these teams.  Effective immediately, the three work sites are restricted to contracted workers and district project management only.  The areas have been marked with orange construction fencing and entry is strictly prohibited. 


In addition to the above projects, the paving of the band practice marching grid will take place the week of September 30th. The same restrictions apply to that project.


We look forward to providing these upgrades to our students at GHS.  Every Leopard, Every Day!


construction projects approved september 16