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3rd Annual Spanish Spelling Bee

On March 23, GISD students in 4th-8th grade participated in the 3rd annual GISD Spanish Spelling Bee. All of these students first competed at their individual campus spelling bees and placed in the top 3.  The Bee Champion was Miguel Salas, 6th grade student at Lee Intermediate.  Also finishing in the top 3 were 8th grade student Daniel Zuniga Carranza-2nd place and 7th grade student Jasmine Ponce-3rd place.  Miguel is now eligible to compete at the National Spanish Spelling Bee in July.

top 3 spanish spelling bee

Daniel (2nd place), Miguel (1st place), Jasmine (3rd place)

spanish spelling bee participants

Front row: Alejandro Moreno, Jerisbetsy Hernandez, Samantha Garcia, Alex Gomez, Uriel Atonal-Texis
Back row:  Camila Rodriguez, Miguel Salas, Daniel Zuniga Carranza, Jasmine Ponce