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PK-2 Summer Reading Project

GISD is excited to launch the first Summer Literacy Project for our PK- 2 students! Before school was dismissed for summer, a pack of 5 books was gifted to each PK-2nd grade. The packs also included a reading journal, a Family Guide to Literacy, and a letter from Dr. Stewart. Stay tuned to our GISD facebook for more Stories with Stewart this summer. Grab your book and follow along with your child as Dr. Stewart reads each of these 5 books!

Parents - please read at least 20 minutes a day with your child(ren). This is especially important over the summer months.

  1. Have fun and enjoy reading together. Smile, relax and focus on your child.
  2. Pick interesting topics. Reread favorites. Borrow a variety of library books.
  3. Read with enthusiasm and expression. Change your voice, volume and tempo.
  4. Pause to talk about the story, words, and pictures. Encourage conversations.
  5. Check for understanding. Ask and answer questions; explain new concepts.
  6. When your child reads, be positive and patient. Appreciate your child's effort.