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Alumni Association Hall of Fame Honorees

On Saturday, September 10, the GHS Alumni Association held the annual Hall of Fame luncheon and inducted seven new members into their Alumni and Educator Hall of Fame. 

This year’s honorees include educators George Burrow, Sandra Burrow, Bo Reid, and Sue Reid as well as alumni Nate Cook (Class of 1989), Charley Henderson (Class of 1967), and Ryan Morris (Class of 1994).

hall of fame inductees

Representing Alumni Charley Henderson, (Class of 1967) his wife, Pam and children Courtney Waddle, Chad Henderson, Chris Henderson; Representing Educators Ben "Bo" and Sue Reid, their children Gary O'Dell and Cheryl Garsee; Educators Sandra and George Burrow; Alumni Nate Cook, (Class of 1989) and Alumni Ryan Morris. (Class of 1994)

The GHS Alumni Association is always proud to honor Forever Leopards each year at this event, traditionally held on the Saturday after the Friday night Homecoming game.