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2023 Alumni Association Hall of Fame Luncheon

On October 14, 2023, the Gainesville Alumni Association held their annual luncheon to induct new members into their hall of fame.  This year there were 7 honorees who were inducted to the Gainesville Alumni Association Hall of Fame. In total to date, the association has inducted 135 alumni & educator honorees since 2004. Each honorary member has had a major impact on Gainesville Independent School District in many ways. 


One member, Kandy Burkhart, helped create and start the dual language program that is still being used today. Another special inducted member, William Hendricks, is the first honorary member to be inducted into the hall of fame while still teaching currently at the Junior High. Eddy Henry, a graduate for class of 1969 is remembered for rolling his bowling ball down the junior high halls and many have stories about how he had a great impact on GHS students, including current head coach, Neal Searcy. Dean Patterson was one of the founding members of the Gainesville Swing Orchestra, and continues to lead the group as a one of the program planners and current trombone player. Major General Emmett Cassady was represented by his daughter, Anna Cassady Bryson, who was thrilled to receive the award in her father’s honor. Major Cassidy was a role model to all, and showed bravery as a pilot, even during the years flying wasn’t a common form of travel. Brady Johns, another graduate from GHS class of 1985, went on to become a successful entrepreneur and has had great impact and success in top grossing companies such as Dell and Google. Clyde McCain was a graduate of GHS class of 1940. He was followed by his two daughters and 4 of 5 grandchildren, all graduates of Gainesville High School. His one grandchild who didn’t graduate from Gainesville has since returned and is a current teacher at Chalmers Elementary.