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Chalmers UIL District Meet Results

The Gainesville ISD Elementary (2nd-5th grade) UIL Academics teams placed 4th overall in the District meet on Thursday, January 17, earning 299 points.

1st: Aubrey Brockett
2nd: Aubrey Monaco
3rd: Sanger Butterfield
4th: Gainesville Chalmers/Lee
5th: Sanger Chisholm Trail/Clear Creek

The Chalmers students who earned points for the elementary meet are listed below. 5th grade students earning points are listed on the Lee website:

Art Smart
4th grade—Brandt Crain 4th place

3rd place team:  Brandt Crain, Crystal Ramos, Martha Franklin


Chess Puzzle
2nd grade—Keller Crutsinger 3rd place, Brooklyn White 4th place (tie)

2nd place team: Aimee Sanchez, Brooklyn White, Keller Crutsinger, Aiden Boaz

3rd grade—Alexis Hutchison 3rd place

4th grade—Luke Gioimo 3rd place, Daniel Henry and Jaden Powell 5th place (tie)
2nd place team:  Luke Gioimo, Jaden Powell, Daniel Henry, Marley Farr

Music Memory
3rd grade—Olivia Perez 3rd place

2nd place team:  Bristol Polk, Destiny Ingram, Olivia Perez, Nevaeh Carney, Maria Cruz

Number Sense
4th grade—Abel Aguilera 6th place

2nd place team:  Abel Aguilera, Wendy Herrada, Stryker Johnson

Ready Writing
3rd grade—Alejandra Sullivan 5th place

3rd grade—Kimberly Brooks 5th place

4th grade—William Drew 2nd place
3rd place team (tie):  William Drew, Abel Aguilera, Jayden Peters, Jasmine Huerta

3rd grade—Alejandra Sullivan 2nd place