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Spanish Spelling Bee

GISD announced the first annual Spanish Spelling Bee, which will be held on May 23rd at 9am at the GISD administration building.  Students in first through eighth grade are eligible to compete.  The Chalmers bee was held on Tuesday, April 16. The students who chose to participate first competed against their classmates, in which the top students earned advancement to the campus spelling bee where each student competed against the top Spanish spellers in his or her grade.  The top three per grade level will compete at the district bee on May 23rd.  The Spanish spelling bee is a great opportunity for our students to compete and show off their Spanish language skills.

2nd grade:
Natalie Saenz (1st place)
Uriel Atonal (2nd place)
Alex Gomez (3rd place)
Sofia Castillo

Saida Almaraz
Joaquin Barrientos
Jimena Lara
Sofia Madrigal

Roman Gaspar
Genesis Manriquez

2nd spanish spelling bee
3rd grade:

Danna Garcia (1st place)
Berenise Huerta (2nd place)
Ivan Zamora (3rd place)
Everardo Mendez

Brianna Perez
Edgar Barton
Leonardo Meza

third spanish spelling bee

4th grade:
Sarai Calderon (1st place)
Guadalupe Saenz (2nd place)
Alan Lara (3rd place)
Anaileight Huerta
Celestino Paz

Daniel Platas
Daniel Valdez
Marcos Moran 

4th spanish spelling bee