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Leslie Stark, Educator


Leslie Stark, Educator 
Leslie Stark spent 23 years in education including 21 years as a teacher in the Gainesville Independent School District. 

Stark is also a graduate of Gainesville High School. After moving several times in the 1980's as a wife of an Air Force officer, Leslie, and her young family, made their way back home where she began teaching second grade at Edison Elementary for three years. Due to changes in the economy, she had to leave her hometown in 1989 for her husband's job, but once again managed to make her way back in 2001. While she was gone from Gainesville, she taught in Richardson, and then in 1992, left the teaching field temporarily to run a small chain of stores with her husband. As soon as she moved back to Gainesville, she felt the tug of education pulling her back in. She loved Gainesville and couldn't wait to return to teaching. She re-entered GISD as a substitute and then was offered a position teaching sixth grade science at Lee Intermediate. She continued as a sixth grade science teacher when sixth became part of the junior high. When sixth grade was once again returned to Lee, she became a fifth grade science teacher.

Most of her free time was dedicated to planning labs, organizing materials, and planning with her science team. When GISD brought in new technologies to the classroom, Leslie did not shy away. She integrated that technology seamlessly to keep her students engaged. She was tireless in her crusade for student success. Leslie was respected by her co-workers and loved by students. She taught compassion, respect, and set high expectations for those around her. When you are around her, you want to be a better person. You are a better person just by knowing her.


Along with dedicating her life to teaching, Leslie, along with her husband, raised two daughters and are loved by 5 grandchildren. As the news of her retirement has spread last year, people said two things, "how wonderful for her" and "I wish all children had the chance to have her as a teacher." Leslie Stark is truly a distinguished educator.