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10th Annual Camp Leeper Lake Trip

Lee 5th grade students were able to experience a day camp at Leeper Lake, which extended student learning beyond the classroom.  This unique opportunity allowed the students to experience first-hand the Life Science learning objectives covered in the classroom.   

This trip is made possible once again by a grant from the GISD Education Foundation. Tracy Henry, Lee Science Department Chair, writes the grant each year in hopes of offering this learning experience to the Lee 5th grade students.  “This experience provides the students the opportunity to investigate plant and animal adaptations,” Henry said.  “They are also able to observe changes to the Leeper Lake ecosystem caused by humans, as well as natural impacts on plants and animals within this environment,” Henry said.

The 5th grade classes were divided into four groups, with a different group traveling to Leeper Lake each day of the week.  Within that group, they were divided once again to create small groups which could rotate throughout the learning stations, giving each student a more individualized experience.   The students maintained a journal throughout the day, recording observations, making notes, drawing sketches, and then reviewed the journals as a group to self-evaluate their experiences. 

 “Camp Leeper” is just one of many grants that the GISD Education Foundation funds.  The Foundation receives funding by way of donations from individuals, businesses and the ongoing sale of memorial brick, which can be placed at either the current Junior High School or GHS.  The bricks are a terrific way to honor our past and present alumni.  For more information, please visit

Camp Leeper