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Spelling Bee Results

The Lee Intermediate spelling bee was held this morning. All Lee students were invited to first compete in a written spelling bee. The top 18 students advanced to the next round, which was the verbal spelling bee held today.

Congratulations to our top 3, who will all go on to compete at the district bee January 31. The first place speller, Amira, will also compete at the County bee in February. This bee went 33 rounds deep, with Amira's winning word: execrations.

1st, Amira Khan
2nd, Avery Crutsinger
3rd, Angela Vazquez

We are so proud of all who competed in the bee today!

Top Row: Angela Vazquez, Ray Glancy, Jassidy Sudderth,Kylee Innis, Kaden Scott, Cody Hutchins, Phoenix Kemp
Middle Row: Avery Crutsinger, Landrie Polk, Isabella Dunlap, Charles Dooley, Wade Amaro, Davis Pouncil
Bottom Row; Isabelle Bumpus, Alexis Wolf, Ethan Torres, Amira Khan, Jackson Otts

Top 3 spelling bee

spelling bee participants