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GJH UIL Results

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The middle school UIL meet (6th-8th grade) was held on Friday, January 11.  The GISD middle school teams from Lee and GJH placed 5th overall in their district grouping, earning 358 points.

Middle School Overall Ranking (OAP not yet included)

1st: Celina
2nd: Sanger
3rd: Aubrey
4th: Gainesville
5th: Anna

The GJH students who earned points are listed below.  The 6th grade students who earned points for middle school are listed on the Lee website. 

Art Smart
7th grade—Wesley Amaro 4th place
2nd place team: Brynann Beverage, Daniel Quevado, Gabriel Gonzales, Wesley Amaro


Dictionary Skills
8th grade—Mattie Amaro 4th place
3rd place team:  Celine Alzubi, Fernanda Aranda, Mattie Amaro


Editorial Writing
7th grade—Cadence Hubbard 3rd place

8th grade—Mayleigh Taylor 6th place


Impromptu Speaking
8th grade—Leonardo Elias 3rd place


7th grade—Juan Pimentel 6th place

8th grade—Fernanda Aranda 6th place (tie)


Maps, Graphs, and Charts
8th grade—Mayleigh Taylor 6th grade


8th grade—Nolan Gardner 1st place, Paola Rico 4th place
1st place team:  Nolan Gardner, Paola Rico, Noe Martinez, Kenadee Jones


Modern Oratory
7th grade—Cadence Hubbard 4th place

8th grade—Melaina Denison 6th place


Music Memory
7th grade—Jesus Flores 3rd place

3rd place team: Abigail Puente, Dane King, Estrella Serafin, Jesus Flores, Shae Cessna

8th grade—Celeste Davis 1st place, Melaina Denison 5th place, Cheyenne Hellinger 6th place
2nd place team:  Celeste Davis, Cheyenne Hellinger, Katelyn Murphy, Melaina Denison, Sofi Corona


Number Sense
8th grade—Nolan Gardner 1st place, Paola Rico 3rd place, Tate Rains 4th place (tie)
1st place team: Nolan Gardner, Paola Rico, Tate Rains



Ready Writing
7th grade—Ximena Hinojosa 2nd place, Cadence Hubbard 3rd place

8th grade—Jessica Gonzales 4th place (tie)


Social Studies
8th grade—2nd place team: Benson Tran, Leonardo Hurtado, Tristan Rickman


7th grade—Johany Marin and Uriel Tellez 6th place (tie)

2nd place team:  Johany Marin, Uriel Tellez, Ivan Tejeda

8th grade—Benson Tran 2nd place, Kenadee Jones 5th place
2nd place team: Benson Tran, Kenadee Jones, Katelyn Murphy