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6th-8th Grade Students Compete in Virtual UIL Meet

Students in 6th-8th grade participated in their first Academic UIL virtual meet of the year.  Although not all events are offered in a virtual meet, it was great practice for the students who were able to participate. 


            6th-8th grade team—2nd place team 4A

                        7th grade—Nelson Gardner

                        6th grade—Abel Aguilera

                        6th grade—Jeremiah Franklin

            Other participant: Ariel Aguilera



            6th grade—2nd place team 4A; 10th place team overall

                        Ariel Aguilera—2nd place 4A

                        Abel Aguilera—3rd place 4A

                        Jeremiah Franklin—6th place 4A

            Other participants: Ava Hendricks, Kenyon Turner, Jalyse Calhoun


            7th grade—

                        Natali Garcia—1st place 4A


            6th grade—1st place team 4A; 8th place team overall

                        Trent Smith—1st place 4A

                        Treasure Alexander—3rd place 4A

                        Abel Aguilera—5th place 4A


Other participants:  Brandt Crain, Zander Edmiston, Marco May-Lovato, Victoria Crisp, Marco Ibarra-Gomez,  Dalton Merrill, Yojan Martinez


            6th grade—1st place team 4A; 6th place team overall

                        Shawn Rucker—1st place 4A

                        Kaeden Shaw—2nd place 4A

                        Luis Giron—3rd place 4A

                        Other participants: Damien Copher—4th place 4A, Alexis Guerrero—5th place 4A


            6th grade—2nd place team 4A

                        Ariel Aguilera—5th place 4A

                        Abel Aguilera—6th place 4A

                        Jalyse Calhoun—8th place 4A

                        Other participants: Robert Bikar, Iliana Feingold, Jazlyn Austin-Thomas


            6th grade—2nd place team 4A

                        Alaisa Castaneda—1st place 4A

                        Abel Aguilera—5th place 4A

                        Ariel Aguilera—7th place 4A

                        Other participant: Shawn Rucker


            6th grade—1st place team 4A; 8th place overall

                        Brandt Crain—1st place 4A

                        Abel Aguilera—2nd place 4A

                        Luis Giron—4th place 4A

                        Other participants: Judith Dominguez

            7th grade—2nd place team 4A

                        Yurem Zapata—4th place 4A

                        Nicolas Rico—6th place 4A

                        Axel Castruita—7th place 4A

Other participants:  Ruben Magallanes, Donavin Morren, Ethan Torres, Kaden Scott, Alessis Rincon  Rangel, Andrew Lopez


            6th grade –1st place team 4A; 5th place team overall

                        Micah McFarlane—1st place 4A; 11th place overall

                        Hazel Becerra—2nd place 4A; 12th overall

                        Ava Hendricks—3rd place 4A; 13th overall

            Other participants: Noemi Gonzales--4th place 4A; Annie Larraga--5th place 4A